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Friday, 14 May 2021

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

This division was established in 1998 with the following aims

-Consultation services to Iranian gas industries for optimum utilization of gas resources (Natural gas, associated gas, flare gas, stranded gas fields, etc.)

-Technology improvement and/or development in the fields of gas conversions, gas purification, gas storage and gas transportation

-Engineering and technical services to Iranian gas industry for de-bottle necking and trouble shouting Analytical services to Iranian gas industry

Initially, this division consisted of three research groups, which was later increased to four groups as follows:

  1. Gas Conversion Technologies Group
  2. Gas Purification Technologies Group
  3. Gas Storage and Transportation Group
  4. Process Engineering Group

This division has been performing extensive activities in research and development, pilot plant studies, semi industrial and industrial studies, scientific and laboratory services.

The achievements include, two industrial plants, seven pilot and semi industrial units, more than 300 research publications in Iranian and international journals and about 400 scientific/ technical presentations in conferences and scientific/technology communities.





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