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Friday, 14 May 2021

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

The division of process and equipments technology development was founded as technology development group in 1989. Having been equipped with well-educated highly experienced researchers, this division has been trying to achieve the following targets:

▪ Technology development and adaptation

▪ Feasibility studies

▪ Process scale-up and scale-down

▪ The evaluation and selection of new industrial processes

▪ The conceptual design of new processes

▪ The basic design of new processes

▪ The detailed design of new processes

▪ Debottlenecking and troubleshooting

▪ The construction of engineering pilot plants

The division has been recently working on the technologies for the productivity

enhancement of the processes of the petroleum industry, and has entered the field of equipment technology development since 2011.


  • The development and adaptation of isomerization process for increasingthe octane value of petrol produced in refineries
  • SRU process technology adaptation
  • Design , construction, installation, and startup of pentane production unit in Kermanshah Oil Refinery (unit capacity: 5000 metric ton per year)
  • Technology adaptation of FCC and RFCC processes
  • ESP’s Design and manufacturing&VSD for pumping systems
  • The design and implementation of real-time optimization (RTO) technology in downstream petroleum industry

Process Licenses:

Expected Results Description Process Code

* Removing Sulfur Components from Acid Gas

* Prevention of Air Pollution from Combustion of Acid Gas

* Production of Solid Sulfur

Sulfur Recovery from Acid Gas in Gas and Oil Refineries by Converting H2S to Elemental Sulfur via Claus and TGT Processes Developing Technical Knowledge of Sulfur Recovery Unit Technology 1

* Prevention of Air Pollution

* Increasing LSRG Production

Technology of Light Naphtha Isomerization by Reverse Engineering Developing Technical Knowledge of Isomerization 2

Technologic services:

Expected Results Description service Code

* Variety part of Crude oil export

* Reduction of Blending time and cost

* Increase of Oil export profitability

Online and In-line Blending of Crude oil and Petroleum cuts to produce a specified crude oil based on need. Developing Crude oil and Petroleum cuts Online Blending system 1

Research Groups

ThThe process and equipments technology development division has four research groups as follow:

▪ Process development and control group

▪ Supervision and engineering of semi-industrial project group

▪ Design research and equipment technology group

▪ Semi-Industrial reference laboratory research group


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