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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The main activities of this group are:

  • Designing and modifying gas sweetening units with the proprietary ParsiSol solution

  • Designing dehydration and mercaptan removal units by adsorption technology.

  • Developing CO2 removal technologies.

  • Amine solution management in gas sweetening plants, quality control and monitoring.

  • Natural gas processing (mercury removal, MEG removal, …)

 Capabilities in Research and Development

  • Supplying ParsiSol solvent, tailor made to a specific feed gas composition and the required product gas specification in gas sweetening units.

  • Phase and chemical equilibrium data gathering, thermodynamic and kinetic studies and modeling on acidic gas absorption by liquid solvents.

  • Corrosion and foam formation studies related to gas sweetening solvents

  • Experimental data measurement and development thermodynamic models for vapor-liquid equilibrium

  • Solvent management in gas sweetening plants, qualitative and quantitative identification and monitoring of used solvents in gas refining industry.

  • Recovery of used solvents in Gas sweetening units

  • Simulation of gas sweetening units with proprietary ParsiSol solvent as well as with common/conventional solvents

  • Construction and evaluation of adsorbents in the treatment and processing of natural gas

  • Qualitative evaluation of adsorbents used in gas and petrochemical industries.

  • Design of dehydration and mercaptan removal units based on PSA and TSA technologies.

  • Evaluation of ionic liquids for gas treatment purposes via phase equilibrium, thermodynamic and kinetic studies.

  • Synthesis and optimization of the proprietary Sulfiran catalyst and obtaining required information for scale up in industrial units (one step conversion of H2S to sulfur at ambient conditions).

  • MEG removal from gas streams

  • Mercury removal from natural gas and evaluation of mercury removal adsorbents


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