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Monday, 17 June 2019

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

The main activities of this group are:

  • Development of natural gas conversion processes to valuable products such as fuel, valuable hydrocarbons, hydrogen, synthesis gas and intermediate materials of chemical industry

  • Synthesis of catalysts which are used in gas conversion processes

  • Analysis and identification of hydrocarbon components

  • Laboratory tests of catalyst (in slurry and fixed bed reactors)

  • Design, construction and commissioning of gas conversion related pilot units, data gathering and analysis.

This group also provide the following laboratory services:

  • Characterization of catalyst samples (physico-chemical properties and reaction performance) in laboratory scale

  • Catalyst testing in slurry and fixed bed reactors in different operating condition (temperature and pressure)

Gas chromatography analysis of various type of refinery gases and liquid hydrocarbons 


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